Application Process to American Boarding Schools

Submit Pre-application

Please submit pre-application form

Submit application

* Submit GE online application or SAO
*Submit English recommendation and Math recommendation
* Submit official transcripts from this current year AND previous 2 years
* Submit Student Questionnaire and Essay
* Schedule an interview (GE will email you to schedule interview with admission office) Submit application fee (if required by school)

Submit supplementary materials

Submit SSAT Scores (if required by school)
Submit TOEFL Scores (if required by school)
Submit student photos (if required by school)
* Submit student passport copy (for issuing I-20)
* Submit bank certificate (for issuing I-20)
Submit supplementary documents if required by school such as placement tests, essays, recommendations, medical forms, etc.

When admitted

Sign enrollment contract and pay enrollment deposit
Submit I-20 request form​

What is Early Decision?

Early decision is an excellent option for students who have already decided the first choice of their school list. Early decision is binding, applicants who are accepted agree to enroll at ED school and withdraw applications to other schools. Schools will give careful and priority consideration to ED applicants. Students are encouraged to apply under Early Decision if they are confident about their top choice.

What do students agree about Early Decision Agreement?

1, Applicant should choose only ONE school for the ED agreement.
2, If admitted, the applicant must make full payment of tuition to ED school within 7 days and withdraw applications to all other schools immediately.
3, If not admitted, the applicant is allowed to change to another school for an ED agreement.

What do schools agree about Early Decision program?

Schools that sign up for the ED program agree to give careful and priority consideration to ED applicants, schools normally will provide admission decisions on ED applicants within 10 workdays after the ED applicants complete application materials and interview. The admission decision could be one of the possibilities: admit, defer, waitlist, denial.