GE sponsorship program:

Students will receive 3000 - 30,000 USD financial aid each year!


Open for: Students from grade 9-12th

Application Requirements:

  • GPA 3.0+

  • English test

  • Great personality

  • Have talents in arts, sports, or STEM

  • Willing to serve as student ambassadors for US boarding schools

Application process:

1, Student submit application

2, Student interview with schools

3, Student got admitted by school

4, GE Evaluation for sponsorship and issue the enrollment contract

5, Student make payment to GE company, GE will then pay to school

6, School issue I-20

7, Student apply for visa

8, Student arrive at school

9, Student will serve as an ambassador to attend GE webinars/roadshows to talk about their experience at school once or twice a year

Questions and Answers

  • How long will it take for students to know if they are admitted into GE sponsorship program?

It normally takes 2-4 weeks after students got admitted by schools.


  • What happens if students failed to get into GE sponsorship program.

Students are allowed to pay full tuition & fees to attend school.


  • How does GE evaluate students eligibility to enroll in GE sponsorship program?

Students must have great personality, good GPA or have talents in arts/sports/STEM, students must be willing to serve as student ambassador for US boarding schools.


  • Will students stay in GE sponsorship program until they graduate?

The sponsorship will be renewed each year until student graduate from school under the condition that student remain GPA 3.0+, if student transfer/withdraw out of the school, sponsorship will end. Students must confirm their re-enrollment before March 1st.


  • Can students choose which school they want to go?

Students can choose which school they want to go, however GE will decide how much financial aid students can receive from GE.


  • Do students need to pay application fee for this program?

There is no application fee for GE sponsorschip program. student is required to pay full program fee when admitted into the program, the program fee is refundable if student got denial of visa more than twice.


  • How to apply?

Please submit your application here, please include a supplementary essay in your application.