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GE Roadshow(Europe)April 2019

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

April 09 ~ April 21, 2019

Meet Potential Students

Enhances School Well Knowness

Visiting European Famous Cities

Taste Different Cuisine


04/09 Arrive in Cologne, Germany

04/10 Cologne, Germany

04/11 Frankfurt, Germany

04/12 Fly from Frankfurt to Zharkiv

04/13 Zharkov, Ukraine

04/14 Zharkov, Ukraine

04/15 Fly from Zharkiv to Istanbul 

04/16 Istanbul, Turkey

04/17 Fly from Istanbul to Barcelona 

04/18 Barcelona, Spain

04/19 Marrakech, Morocco

04/20 Fly from Marrakech to Madrid

04/21 Depart from Madrid, Spain

Special thanks to:

PA-Grier School SC-Hilton Head Preparatory School

MO-Missouri Military Academy

Mike Foley, Director of Campus Life, Hilton Head Preperatory School:

"Hello! I am so very excited to share about GE International's Road Show. This past April I attended their European Road Show and was beyond pleased with every aspect of the program!

Upon arrival, GE International took care of every aspect of the program from meetings to travel to accommodations. Paul did an amazing job in all capacities! His knowledge of the admission process, locations and agents is beyond impressive. The Road Show was a great opportunity to meet and get to know agents and students. Perhaps more importantly, it was a fantastic chance for them to learn more about you and your school. Of the Road Shows I have attended in the past, I plan on returning to many more with GE International. I am beyond happy with my experience!!"

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